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Achieving your vision takes an open approach. Understanding the need to continually adapt to the changing marketplace and maximize exposure opportunities is key. Though every business encounters unique challenges, the effective use of the data surrounding them will always generate positive results. The key to understanding and leveraging effective web development concepts lies in both the embrace of change and a clear understanding of your target customer, their needs, and your interactive relationship with them through your website. Here are some important facts to remember.

  All Projects Have a Life Cycle

Every website is created with a purpose. There is an initial plan, a resulting design, and a functioning result. If the plan is executed well, the aesthetics and functionality of the finished website serve the user well and fulfill the intended purpose of the site; however, this is only the beginning of the cycle.

There will be multiple changes, revisions, and additions as the site grows to fulfill its ultimate purpose then is ultimately replaced by a newer version all together. It is critically important to understand and embrace these changes as they are inevitable. Facilitating smooth transitions throughout the life cycle of the website is the key to success. 

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  Simplicity is Key

While every website can benefit from periodic updates and technological advances, it is important that they are conceived and applied with simplicity in mind. This is a concept which was not always understood in the past. For those of us who have been involved in web design long term, it is interesting to have seen the evolution of the genre and the distinct changes that have taken place. The fact is that, web sites have become much simpler in design and much more user friendly as a result. A good website in today's market should contain the following and not a lot more.

  •   Plenty of open space

  •   Simple, easy to use navigation

  •   Clear, uncluttered information

  •   Simple contact/about information

  •   Clear, focused calls to action

  •   Powerful imagery

Concise Information

Even the most engaged reader can quickly become exhausted by language that is not clear and concise. It is important to focus information in very specific terms that your reader can both understand and appreciate.

Do not fall into the trap that is the constant sales pitch. Trust that your reader is there because they are seeking knowledge and or services in which your company excels, then justify their time by providing clear, informative and helpful answers.

One of the most effective ways to ensure ease of readability and improve comprehension is to reduce congestion. Eliminate run-on sentences and paragraphs. Present your information in compact, clearly defined spaces to reduce distraction and allow better focus.





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