We Bring Online Business to Life.

In his youth, Cyber Cocoon founding member David Alan Rogers both watched and helped his father to build a small but successful SEO/ digital marketing company in northern California. David never forgot the lessons he learned there and the business credo that his father so passionately espoused. From a young age, David was taught that there was nothing more honorable or more rewarding than to be in the service of others and to help make a positive difference. He never forgot the pride that his Father took in helping his clients to grow and prosper and the positive impact that it made for so many.

Cyber Cocoon was created by a team of seasoned, SEO/Internet Marketing Experts who, like David, experienced success with other ventures but felt there was more that could be done to help promote and protect its clients in the ever changing and increasingly volatile digital marketplace. Cyber Cocoon was founded on belief that there should be a digital marketing company that truly acted as business advocates who not only promoted business but actively worked to protect the interests, security, and stability of its partners and patrons.

While studying Physics at UC Santa Barbara, David’s fascination with computers, digital marketing and SEO continued to grow, prompting him to begin performing algorithm based A/B experiments in statistics to gain insight to the inner workings of web rankings and related consumer behaviors. It was during these studies that he began partnering with Dennis Hammer, a long time and highly successful professional SEO who holds master’s degrees in computer science and business management. It was clear that they shared a passion for the problem-solving aspects of digital marketing and so they began working together regularly. Their partnership fostered an improved testing methodology and resulted in a much clearer understanding of several contributing factors to successful online marketing and SEO. With their partnership solidified, the foundation for Cyber Cocoon was set but it was a chance meeting in February of 2017 that really got things rolling.

While visiting Las Vegas, David happened to meet an SEO/digital marketing expert from Houston Texas. His name was Jose Ponce. As it turned out, Jose was an award winning professional SEO who's strong background in forensic data recovery and analysis gives him a completely unique prospective and a serious edge on the competition. As they spoke, it became immediately clear that they shared an incredible amount in common and had amazingly similar thoughts on digital marketing and SEO.  Jose's extensive experience brought a completely new prospective to light  and it was clear that their individual talents were a perfect compliment to one another.  A strong friendship was formed and shortly after, an online conference was held. It was in this meeting with David Rogers, Dennis Hammer and Jose Ponce that the Cyber Cocoon team was forged.

With combined backgrounds in computer science, digital marketing, scientific methodology and forensic data analysis, the team immediately began breaking new ground.