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These days, it's more important than ever that a business website is fully optimized to appeal to the big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These search engines are the ones primarily responsible for returning results to Internet users, who request information related to a keyword or to a set of criteria which they have provided. Unless a website appears on the first page of results returned to users, there's a very good chance that the user will never go beyond that first page to find the website.

In other words, it is critical that any website which desires traffic to be funneled to it by search engines must meet the criteria used by those search engines to establish it as a relevant website. More than ever before, this is the exclusive domain of SEO experts, because it is absolutely essential to understand all those factors which search engines consider most important, and which are used to rank a website highly enough to put it on the first page.

The reason this is more important now than at any time in the past, is that the major search engines are constantly refining their assessment criteria, and many of the old principles for search engine optimization have been either reduced in importance, or eliminated altogether. It is no longer an effective strategy to simply stuff keywords into website content, expecting that a search engine will match up user keywords with it, and automatically consider the website a good match for the user request.

Importance of SEO experts

A lot of time and money can be spent by businessmen attempting to carry out their own SEO optimization, and there's no guarantee that the result will be satisfactory when accomplished. That kind of approach is generally not very cost-effective, and there's a good chance that something will be missed during the project, which an SEO expert would be aware of, by virtue of his/her daily immersion in the process. It's also very possible that mistakes could be made which an SEO expert would know to avoid, for instance the over-use of keywords that would cause a search engine to rank a site lower.

The consequences of failing to optimize a website to the highest degree possible can be fairly severe, starting with the loss of all resources which were expended in the original optimization effort. Beyond that, a business could suffer considerably because it does not get ranked highly enough by search engines to be brought to the attention of large numbers of Internet searchers. This of course, means fewer business leads will be garnered, and fewer conversions will be counted on the website. Once this failure is made clear by declining online business, it will then be necessary to invest all over again to have the site re-optimized, to make it more relevant and to be ranked higher.

David Alan Rogers

David is a founding member of Cyber Cocoon, who began his career in SEO and digital marketing at a very early age, helping his father to build a small company in northern California. This proved to be an invaluable experience which served as the foundation for his eventual business career, because he not only learned some important technical skills, but also some critical people skills, especially with regard to businessman and entrepreneurs.

From his father, David learned that one of the best ways to establish and maintain a successful business yourself is to sincerely and honestly represent the best interests of any client you happen to be working with. That important lesson is one which David continues to bring to work with him every single day, recognizing that the success of every client is a mirror reflection of the powerful contributions provided by his own organization and his own efforts.

The Cyber Cocoon organization was founded with this basic principle in mind, i.e. that it should serve as an advocate and protector of the client's business interests, as well as the overall enhancement of the client's online presence. During his collegiate career, David became intimately acquainted with how web rankings are formulated, as well as the typical behaviors of Internet users. By combining these two bodies of knowledge, it became a natural thing to want to develop a company of SEO experts, which could offer that same kind of service to business persons who were in need of SEO optimization.

Dennis Hammer

Dennis Hammer met David Alan Rogers during the period when David was studying at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and the two men became friends immediately, when they discovered their mutual interest in search engine optimization. Dennis by that time, had already become a highly successful SEO expert, having earned Master's Degrees in Business Management and in Computer Science.

From the time that these two first met, it was obvious that they both had a profound appreciation for the solutions side of digital marketing, and so they began to share their individual insights, and work together on the problem-solving aspect of the business which interested them both so much. This working partnership blossomed into an arrangement which would eventually provide the foundation for Cyber Cocoon. Having already established a clear and concise understanding of the factors which are most important for search engine optimization and for digital marketing, they had the basis for a very valuable technical skillset which could be used to help others.

Jose Ponce

The last piece of the Cyber Cocoon puzzle was put in place with the addition of digital marketing and SEO expert José Ponce. At a chance meeting in Las Vegas,  NV, David Rogers met José Ponce, whom he quickly discovered was an SEO professional who had already won awards in his field for his level of expertise. José brought a strong background in forensic data analysis and recovery to the Cyber Cocoon mix, adding an entirely new perspective to the team, which gave them a considerable edge over many rival companies in the business.

José and David became good friends in a short period of time, and it became very apparent that the strong insights and skillset that José brought to the table would be a perfect complement to the talents already contributed by David and Dennis Hammer. To formalize the business proposition of Cyber Cocoon, an online conference was held between the three, and a very powerful new company was formed to offer the business world the best of three very insightful minds.

Let our SEO experts help your company

Get your business website on the first page of results returned by the major search engines, by taking advantage of the extensive knowledge and experience of our team of SEO experts. With most Internet users never progressing beyond the first few websites listed on that first page of results, it is absolutely necessary for your site to be ranked highly by the search engines.

The best way to ensure that your site is considered highly relevant and a good match for user search requests, is to have it optimized by our SEO experts. Contact Cyber Cocoon today, so we can arrange for a consultation that will tell us all about your goals and objectives, and will give you an idea about how we can help you achieve them.


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