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Three Ways to Improve your Click Through Rate

How should a website aim to increase click through rate?

Click Through Rate, or CTR is a measure of how many user decide to visit your site instead of another one.

It is calculated by dividing the number of click-throughs by the number of users whom your page is presented to.

Pages with high click through rates get better conversions.  When users are more excited about your page, they tend to stick around longer and dig deeper into the information you present.

They may even be willing to wait a few seconds longer for your content to load.

Pages with higher CTR’s also tend to rank better.  While your users are spending more time on your page, RankBrain will move listings with better CTR to the top of the organic listings.

How do I find out what title will provide the best CTR?

We recommend testing your page titles with a post on a social media site such as Facebook.  The same sensations that make users want to click on a search result also makes them want to click on social media posts.

Facebook is a great way to test out potential page titles.  Run a test with 4 or 5 titles and see which one gets the most hits.  Be sure to run them the same time of day, or if possible, the same day of the week.

Should I spend my time working on old content, or just keep adding?

It depends.  How good is your old content?

We recommend checking your analytics software for click through rate on all of your ranked pages.  Start by improving your lowest CTR pages.  The difference will pay dividends for your rankings on your entire site.

So let’s recap:

  1. Pages with high CTR’s get more conversions.  The more excited the user is when they click on you, the longer they are willing to wait, the more they will read, etc.  The most likely they are to call you or make a purchase online!  Pages with high CTR’s Rank better! (Think RankBrain!)
  2. Test your titles with Facebook.  The same sensation that makes people click on a Facebook article will make them click on an organic listing.
  3. Identify your pages with the lowest CTR and give them a new title.