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Here are 5 universal truths debunking common branding misconceptions

1. Business branding is not marketing: 

Branding represents the heart and soul of the company while marketing is simply a sales strategy. Both matter but effective branding evokes an emotional response through powerful imagery and or symbolism combined with positive customer experience to drive brand recognition and loyalty.


2. Customers (not business owners) define the brand:

Customers develop a sense of ownership and loyalty to a chosen brand that ties directly to their own self image. They are the ones who ultimately define what the brand represents through their own personal experience.


3. Branding is never absolutely unique for each business:  

Successful branding leverages deeply ingrained cultural values to project a specific image. Cultural values such as honesty, dependability and adaptability are projected in most brand images. There are hundreds of other unique cultural values that bisect multiple social groups around the world. The key is to identify an effective set of values that best define your chosen image and the true heart of your company.


4. Branding is not a one and done proposition:

While brand concepts are created and launched in a finite space of time. Customer perception and experience will continually evolve based on social and cultural trends and company performance. Case in point: One bad experience will cause 65% of customers to switch brands.


5. A Brand is much more than just a logo.  

There are many facets to a brand. For instance, the logo drives visual impact and selective association. The slightest variations in simple details such as color and typography have a huge impact on brand appeal. Both imagery and messaging are extremely important; however, customer experience will always drive brand loyalty.